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So, I got this email today that motivated me to write about health care reform because there is so much controversy going on about it and, believe it or not, this topic IS related to living a Raw Foods Lifestyle.

How so, you might ask?

Let me tell you…

This email came from Mitch Stewart @ barackobama.com for Organizing For America (Yes, I’m a subscriber to their newsletter.) It’s opening statement is pretty disconcerting;

“An alarming new study shows that health care costs increased last year at the fastest rate in more than a half century. Health care spending rose to an estimated $2.5 trillion in 2009, or $8,047 per person — and is now projected to nearly double by 2019.”

So, how does this relate to living a Raw Foods Lifestyle? I’ll tell you.

Personal responsibility.

It is my very sincere belief that the first line of defense in health care is to take care of your own health. Bottom line. In many cases, the old adage “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” is very accurate. Allow me to illustrate —

It is a well established fact that refined foods (white flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, etc.) are bad for the human body. I won’t list a bunch of supporting evidence here…just do some research yourself and you’ll find study after study to support this truth. And it’s also an established fact that humans have NOT been consuming these types of ingredients until rather recently in the course of human history. The onslaught of cancers, diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. we are seeing in (primarily) western society appears directly related to the mass consumption of these types of “artificial” and nutrient-dead “foods”.

I made an interesting observation that I don’t know if many others have made as yet and that is this; people who follow a primarily raw foods diet and those who alternatively follow an Atkins-style diet program experience many of the same health benefits! WOW! Amazing, don’t you think? Considering one program advocates elimination of practically all animal-based products while the other promotes consuming large quantities of animal proteins. So, how is it possible that BOTH of these diet programs can reverse health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease? I’ll tell you…

Because in both cases the participants are eliminating the same major food groups;


That’s right! Even though those following an Atkins-style, high-protein diet are consuming massive quantities of animal and dairy products, they still achieve significant health benefits, just as those following a High-Raw lifestyle do.

And why is that?


They’ve eliminated all the highly processed, nutrient-deficient foods from their diets and now are only consuming real, naturally-occurring food sources.

So, what does this have to do with health care reform? I’ll tell you what…

Most Americans spend each day filling their bodies with “food-stuff” that is creating dis-ease in their bodies. And as a result, they believe they require health care from professionals who only place them on prescription medications, which only suppress the symptoms of the problem. These prescriptions never FIX or “heal” anything. They only “manage” symptoms. But more often than not this suppression and the chemical reaction in your bodies results in additional symptoms, which then get treated with yet another prescription drug until many people consume a daily “cocktail” of pills which are just further poisoning their bodies.

And the amazing part is that this whole roller coaster ride could be easily prevented if we would just treat our bodies with care in the first place.

Remove technology from the picture and what would most humans eat? We would eat whatever is most visually appealing, easily accessible, and delicious to the taste. In most cases, for humans, this would mean fruits and vegetables. In climates where fruit and vegetables are not readily available we would resort to hunting and fishing. Nuts would be hard to come by because we’d have to crack the hard shell to acquire each, individual nut. So, these would be a treat rather than a “meal”.  And most of us would not walk out into a wheat field to gnaw on a stalk of grass. The “food” which comprises most of the American diet today requires machinery to process and package it for us. And while this technology may give us the ability to store foods that will sustain our lives in a crisis situation, eaten on a daily basis these foods poison and wreak havoc in our systems. Especially when they become the primary food source and living or “real” food then becomes secondary, at best.

So, bringing it back to health care reform…it seems to me that taking preventative measures to ensure the health and well-being of your own body is the first and most important responsibility for each of us. We know that we must fill our automobiles with the proper fuel, keep all the fluids topped off and fresh, make sure the tires are filled to the proper air pressure levels, and everything else maintained and tuned up on a regular basis in order to keep them in good working order.  We should expect no less with out bodies. Most people know it’s necessary to MOVE their body and exercise it in order to keep it functioning properly, but far too many of us put refined white flour, high fructose corn syrup,  refined white sugar,  artificial sweeteners, fats and preservatives in our “gas tanks” and expect the engine and gears to just keep on running smoothly. Hmmm…doesn’t really make much sense, now does it?

So, I postulate that if more people would take proper care of their bodies and fuel them with real food rather than clogging them with a bunch of junk, we’d see a HUGE reduction in the amount of health care actually required in this country.  Most heart disease would go away, as would diabetes. Dentistry needs would diminish, depression and anxiety would subside…almost every disease or illness you can think of is significantly improved or healed when refined foods are removed from the diet and replaced instead with raw, living, all-natural foods.

Even though a high-protein diet can achieve many of the same health benefits realized by following a raw foods lifestyle, in my opinion the Raw Foods Lifestyle is still superior.  In my experience, digestion and constipation become a substantial problem when following a high protein program. Trust me, digestion is NOT a problem when you are following a raw foods lifestyle! And while a high protein program can effectively cure diabetes and heart disease, there is significant evidence to suggest that consuming a lot of animal protein or more particularly, pasteurized dairy products, can lead to a wide variety of cancers and other problems in the body. Add to that any moral implications with killing animals to sustain our own lives and following a high-raw and living food lifestyle just makes more sense.

So, try removing refined foods from your diet and see if you don’t start feeling better! It’s my bet that your immune system will strengthen and you will no longer need to go to the doctor for every little thing that comes along. You’ll self-treat, instead, with fresh vegetable juices and green smoothies, giving your body the nutrient-dense fuel it needs to fight off whatever illness, bug, or disease hits you. And as a nation, our health care costs would fall dramatically.

Just my two cents worth…

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