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Tracy 2017Tracy Partridge-Johnson launched Eighty Percent Raw as an online magazine in 2009, after watching her father’s health progressively decline over a fourteen year period. Then her younger cousin was diagnosed with brain cancer. Both ultimately died from their diseases. These experiences were so devastating to her that she began researching ways to prevent disease and optimize health following a dietary approach. She learned about the power of whole-foods, mostly raw, and became an evangelist! She recruited a team of more than 25 raw food & vegan chefs and healthcare professionals who contributed monthly to the online magazine for more than 4 years.

A student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) she has been trained as a professional health coach. Her client intake process involves first having each potential-client fill-out an in-depth, online, Confidential Health History questionnaire, followed by a FREE, 60-minute, in-person (over the phone or face-to-face) consultation to determine whether it would be beneficial to move forward with personalized coaching. If so, a 6-month program of customized dietary recommendations and weekly coaching sessions will be adopted to help with weight-loss, improving over-all health and digestion, as well as assisting in reduction of physical symptoms and unwanted health conditions.

Creating her own eating plan, and recruiting BETA test participants to follow it and document their results, here is just a sampling of what you can expect as a private client:

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